Police Commission

The Board of Police Commissioners is currently composed of six members. You can learn more here about the boards responsibilities, membership, and policy & procedures.


Under the Police Act, the Commission oversees the police Department, including the following responsibilities:

  • provide civilian governance on behalf of Council in relation to the enforcement of law, 
    the maintenance of law and the order and prevention of crime in the municipality;
  • provide the administrative direction, organization and policy required to maintain an 
    adequate, effective and efficient police department;
  • determine, in consultation with the chief officer, priorities, objectives and goals 
    respecting police services in the community;
  • ensure the chief officer establishes programs and strategies to implement the priorities, 
    objectives and goals respecting police services;
  • ensure that the community needs and values are reflected in policing priorities, 
    objectives, goals, programs and strategies;
  • ensure that police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community values, 
    needs and expectations; and
  • act as a conduit between the community and the police service providers;

Police Commission Membership


David Walker-Chair (Citizen Rep) Darrin Lipset - Vice Chair (DOJ Appointee)
David Mitchell (Mayor/Ex Officio) Fay PATEY (Citizen Appointee)
Jennifer McDonald (Councillor) Wayne THORBURNE (Councillor)
Virginia OICKLE (Citizen Appointee)  


To contact the Bridgewater Police Commission please email BPC@bridgewaterpolice.ca


Policy & Procedures


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